Individual or Team Assessments

Finding great candidates is one core service; assessing them effectively is equally paramount. Leadership assessment is a core service you receive from Universal Careers. We are called upon daily, around the world, to provide counsel and advice to Boards on the identification, assessment, and development of top corporate leaders.

Role of Assessment
Assessment is an essential component of successful candidate selection. In all situations, assessment is an important tool in supporting crucial personnel. Universal Careers consultants have the skills and experience to assist in all these situations.

Universal Careers Assessment Components
Universal Careers utilizes the following four components in executive assessment:

  • Behavior Description Interview
    We carry out interviews utilizing competency-based and behavioral-analytical frameworks. Case studies related to the specific requirements can be incorporated. Interviews may also include an additional consultant.
  • Performance Review
    We thoroughly check career details especially, results and achievements. We also employ the important means of reference checking, and, if required, academic records.
  • Cultural Alignment
    When the client organization has a culture, which is unique or strongly expressed, we also map this culture and assess to what extent the candidate is suitable.
  • Psychometric Testing
    Psychometric testing can be a valuable component of the recruitment process and is a proven method for delivering significant business value. Psychometric testing ensures that the selection of candidates is based not only on their skills and experience, but also on their cultural fit and potential for growth. Typical psychometric assessments for recruitment can measure an individual’s aptitude, ability, personality, work preferences and emotional intelligence.These scientifically validated tools offer insights into behavior and suitable roles in particular working environments.

Many businesses and organizations have their own well-developed approach to assessment. We work closely with you to align with your internal requirements and utilize your tools and benchmarks.

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